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Essential Music Industry Info
Have you thought about managing a band? Have you the requisite traits and skills? Find out in this informative management primer from one of the industry's top honchos.
Who should produce it, and how much production value does it need are among the most-asked questions concerning demo recording. This article explains what's important.
Want to get your demos heard? Presentation is important considerations. John Braheny lays out a great checklist of what's smart — and what's not.
Kenny Kerner's recommends partnering with a good, honest, knowledgeable lawyer before you get a record deal. Check-out his strategy on music business attorneys.
Is your music loud, soft, bright, dull or deep? Read the Demo Doctor's explanation of dynamic range, and how your equipment can influence it.
Wanna build stronger songs? Peter & Pat Luboff outline ten sure-fire keys.
Learn how not to feel guilty when making money from your music — and other success secrets.
Your band's bio is an important part of music promotion. Dan Kimpel explains who needs one — and how best to write it.
Learning to make music and deals is great — but what else should you know?

What do A&R people look for discovering new talent, what these people look for in an artist, and where and when they look to find it. Billboard Books' author, Bobby Borg lays it out.

What is music publishing? What do publishers do? Get these (and more) answers from music-industry insiders, Jeff and Todd Brabec.
Find out what's copyrightable, how to get your music copyrighted, and what rights are granted in music attorney Donald S. Passman's informative article.
Do you have questions about how to apply equalization during the recording process? Let the Demo Doctor, Andy Cahan, give you the EQ 411.
Have you considered writing for TV? Some say it's the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to make money with your music. Read Laskow's primer to find out how.