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Music School for Songwriting, Business, Production, Management, and More

Do you know when you may need a manager; and what percentage do they typically get?

Can you tell the difference between a music publishing company and a record label? How do songwriters get paid when other people record their songs — or when they get air-play?

Learn more about the money trail in the music industry at Music Business: Producer
A resource for the music industry, including record companies, music biz attorneys, managers, and producer info.

What's more important, elaborate demos or a concrete plan that incites industry insiders to listen to your music — and sign you to their label? Michael Laskow distills chapters on these subjects into a Cliff Notes of practical advice.

"When writing lyrics, consider changing phrasing patterns from section to section. This will permit the music writer to create more interesting melodies."

                                              — Pete Luboff